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Spite and Malice Extreme

This is a cat and mouse card game. Your aim in this game is to get rid of you stack of 20 cards which you will find on the bottom left of the screen. You need to get rid of your stack before your opponent does. The opponents stack is above yours on the top left of the screen. Next to your stack is your hand with the 5 open cards and next to that is a discard area where you can temporarily store cards which you cannot yet use. To get started you need to place an Ace on to the middle stack, from there you place cards from 2 to the Queen, the King in this game is used as a wild card, which means you can use him any where. Use cards from yours stack and hand until you run out of options, once you do, you have to place a card in the discard area. Once you do that, your turn ends. The winner is the players who finished their stack first.


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